This is how you know you can be really proud!!!

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jessicaradloff14 : How cute are these two?! Great debut @bethanynoelm and @derekhough on #dwts tonight! @glamourmag

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Feeling sad/stressed?


  • Make a playlist of all your favourite songs; old, new, the ones that bring back good memories.
  • Take a walk; it will clear your mind and wallowing in bed doesn’t always help.
  • Organise things; it will make you feel productive rather than mope about doing nothing.
  • Eat something comforting; ice cream, mac and cheese, soup, anything! 
  • Go through your phone and delete things; just delete conversations from people who suck/you no longer talk to or delete pictures etc.
  • Draw; I keep some paper and pencils next to my bed and when I get stressed, I drop everything and draw. It’s lovely!
  • Talk to someone; whether it be a text, phonecall, message on a site or even a pet talk to someone! Even if it’s not about your feelings!
  • Temporary tattoos; find some henna or temporary tattoos and decorate your arm/wherever else! It’s fun and I do it all the time.
  • Read; a book, comic, newspaper article or even a post on the internet! Reading your favourite book is a great pastime!
  • Watch something; it could be a tv show, a youtube video or even home videos. Something to take your mind of things.
  • Volunteering; help someone (or something) in need! Helping them could make you feel like a better person!
  • Send someone something nice; it could be a text, gift or anon on tumblr. Just do it randomly. I do this all the time and the reactions are the best.
  • Yoga/Fitness; not only does this help you stay calm, it’s great for your health! Look some stuff up on the internet and try it.
  • Fail Videos; these are great and bless people who put them up. Just watch them and love the fact that you’re not them.
  • Vines; one of my all time favourites. Some viners are so talented and funny, I laugh for hours on end. They will make you smile definitely. 
  • Candles; I used to do this when I was younger. Bad, I know, but it was really nice. Just light some, wait a bit in silence, blow it out and do it again.
  • Research; start looking at your ancestors! Find out how you became you today!
  • Dress up; fiddle around a little with your hair and put on your best clothes for absolutely nothing or go outside!
  • Dress down; this is just like the above but go more cosier. Don’t wallow about, though. 
  • Music; wear a top, leave your thighs bare, lock the door and either lie in bed listening or jump about. You’ll look pretty cute and its nice to do this.
  • Journals; find some old ones and read through it! remember all those old problems you had that don’t matter now? Exactly.
  • Classic/Old Hollywood masterpostOscars 2014 masterpostDisney masterpostDreamWorks masterpost(really big) Chick Flick masterpost.
  • Cookie in a mugBrownie in a mugMini mac n’ cheese piesSalad recipes.
  • Message me; I’m always here and willing to talk about anything. Even if you’re not sad, I’m here, okay?
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Congratulations to Jeff & Jordan on their engagement!!!

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Oh, if falling’s how you feel and perfect is what you see,
then I’d be what you mean to me.
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Jordan and I came to the Big Brother house today to spend a little time with the final five.

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We all squealed when we found out Aria had a favorite shirt of Ezra’s to wear to bed. Little did we know, looking back, that was actually the same shirt Ezra was wearing the day they first saw each other. They just never knew. Fate.

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