#no kitten food goes in the bowl #then food goes in you #you seem to have confused a step

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i wish i was a glow worm
a glow worm’s never glum
cause how can u be grumpy
when the sun shines out ur bum


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The Fault in Our Stars Featurette - Our Little Infinity (x)

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That eyebrow thing he does.

Could this be any hotter.

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Hanna Marin + "ops… i did it again"

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I was going through my emails and one of my online orders has been dispatched and when I ordered it I had to put in a state but New Zealand doesn’t have states and I was annoyed so I put “New Zealand doesnt have states you fuckass” and now in the dispatch email under delivery addess it totally has “New Zealand doesnt have states you fuckass” as part of it woops.

Yeah so


Yep okay

Sorry mail person

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"Hey Denise! I tried to send this ASK on your DWTSgifs tumblr, but it doesn't allow anon questions, so I thought I should use your personal blog since I don't have a tumblr. Is there any chance you can make a gif of that crazy kid in the audience? I think he's Cody Simpson's brother and he's SO funny. I can send you the episode info + minutes he appears if you need help finding him. Cheers, Tori"

Hey! Haha sure I can do that for you, if you could let me know some times in the episodes that would help out GREATLY!

I went ahead and changed the settings on DWTS Gifs so you can send your anon asks in there.  :) 

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