I’ve known Lucy since I was 15. Our story is really creepy. We met on Myspace. We messaged each other because we had mutual friends, and we just started talking every day. And when Lucy told me she was moving to L.A., I invited her to my friend’s birthday party at Disneyland. We decided to meet there for the first time ever. But I didn’t tell my mom that I met her on Myspace, and she didn’t tell her mom either. And we just clicked, and from that day on, we were best friends.

- Ashley Benson


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Move to your beat, move to your moment, move to your love. Make Your Move is in theaters 4/18!

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this is herb

my roommate and I met him by accident at a local thrift store in the late fall and we’ve been friends ever since. we all go to lunch at once a week, and he always has the best stories. he’s an incredible person; he’s ninety-four and is extremely open-minded and cheerful and full of life and even still travels freely on his own. “don’t tell anyone, but for my ninety-fifth birthday I’m going to canada!”

this post means so much to me and i have no idea why

i love herb

give herb my love

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Pretty Little Liars episode 4x24 “A is for Answers”

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A is for Answers”


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Alison DiLaurentis in “A is for Answers”

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Alison DiLaurentis in season four episode twenty-four, “A is for Answers

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Favorite Quotes: Pretty Little Liars - 4x24 “A is for Answers

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She thought I was dead, I was trying to tell her I was alive. I was screaming, god can’t you see me? Can’t you see me breathing? Look at me! The words didn’t come out, I couldn’t move.

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