I got some countries for the countries survey: Canada, France, Germania, Hutt River, Kenya, New Zealand, South Italy, Uganda, Vietnam.

Canada: CHRISTMAS. It’s not an activity but anything and everything that involves Christmas.  Christmas shopping, baking cookies, decorating, wrapping presents, being sneaky and mysterious about what you got everyone, playing in snow, being with family, listening to Christmas music, sitting by the fire, watching Christmas movies, eating food, celebrating the wonderful holiday that is Christmas!

France:  France. <3 I feel like my answer is actually in the question because I just literally care for them. I go out of my way to be as helpful even with little things and especially with little things actually.. just like picking something up for someone or doing things for no reason at all but just because you care. I love doing that and it makes me happy to make them happy. A lot of the time things like that can be the most effective. Also, always being there for someone no matter what and of course saying I love them, which is the simplest way. 

Germania:  Say goodbye to someone I love.

Hutt River: OMG. First of all, you know like all of my dreams. I tell you them all the time. Uhhh I don’t even know what the most memorable is… nothing really comes to mind except one WHICH I AM NOT ABOUT TO TALK ABOUT HERE. 

Kenya: Dolphins and Pandas. 

New Zealand:  Wizard. 

South Italy: Oh goodness. I guess my acceptance of everyone and how I don’t like to talk about anyone or anything I don’t like. I never understand people that spend time hating.

Uganda: As a sweet, kind hearted, moral, intelligent, and loyal person. That’s a lot, but that’s what I would like. :(

Vietnam: Oh my goodness, all these questions where I have to say nice things about myself. You’re doing this on purpose. But I guess that I stick to my morals and don’t let anyone change me. 

Thank you for so many countries! I love you.  <3

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when you see your most favorite-ist people come online


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Reblog if you’d care if I killed myself


i tried to scroll past this but that one reblog just might save somebodies life 

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   From the "Put a number  in my ask and I’ll tell you my favourite" survey, here are some random numbers I want to ask about. Let's see #6, #7, #10, #11, #15, #20, #22, #24 and #29.

Aww you sent it again! Thank you. <3

6. Word - This is interesting.. I really don’t know.  I like language and expanding my vocabulary, but I’ve never actually had any favorite words. 

7. OTP - EVER???!!!!!!!! That is impossible. If I had to choose just one, maybe Romione. 

10. Quote - lol this is pretty much like the words thing again. I love a lot of quotes and keep track of some that mean something to me, but I never thought of a number one favorite.  Right now, I really like the quotes on my side bar. ;) 

11. Magazines - I don’t really read magazines.  TV Guide?! lol #fail NO I’VE GOT IT. LIFE STORY. I love getting editions of those magazines cause they’re all focused on one person or franchise. <3 So I don’t really have that many, but that’s the only specific magazine I can think of. Otherwise I barely buy magazines unless Derek or Julianne are in them. 

15. Clothing Store - These really are random numbers, lol. I don’t tend to shop at specialty stores that much because they’re more expensive. I don’t like to spend a lot of money on one item when you can get like ten for the same price somewhere else, that are just as cute.  But one clothing store I really like where I got my favorite jacket ever is Papaya. I also like Old Navy. And they are much cheaper than most other clothing stores I’ve seen. :)

20. Food - I don’t have a favorite food everrrr. It especially depends on the meal too. Maybe I’ll just say cereal. <3 I’M ALSO A BIG FAN OF PEPPERONI.

22. Letter - Whatt?! Well, I guess I will have to say A cause that was my favorite letter in school and it’s hugely associated with my favorite show so why not?

24. Fruit - Yes, something much easier. I love bananas and peaches. And pears. And grapes. And strawberries. I guess it wasn’t that easy. Banana is definitely what I eat most.

29. Person from history - I take this to mean notable figures from the past…  In this case I have no idea but some people I liked learning about in school were Martin Luther King Jr and Shakespeare. 

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   Hmm from your latest Fandom ask thing.... how about something a bit old school but one of your all-time favorites.... One Tree Hill. :p

Yayyyyyyy thank you!! :D And yay OTH!

Favourite Female: Brooke Davis

Favourite Male: Julian Baker

3 Other Favourite Characters: Haley James Scott, Nathan Scott, Lucas Scott, Keith Scott (yes I named four but they’re all wonderful SCOTTS <3) And even though I didn’t usually like him as a person, Dan Scott is still an amazing character. 

3 OTPs:  Brulian, Naley, Brucas

Notp:  Lucas/Peyton

Funniest character: Chris Keller

Prettiest character:  Brooke and Chester. <3  But I can also mention Emily Chambers aka Maria Menounos ;) 

Most Annoying Character:   Ughhh, it’s tough but maybe Alex Dupre. I hated her trying to come between Brulian, among other things. 

Most badass character: Definitely B-DAVIS. There is no other option.

Character I’d like as my BFF: Again, definitely Brooke! She’s always there for her friends and puts them before herself.

Female Character I’d Marry: Oh my goodnesss hmm.. I guess Brooke since she’s obviously my favorite plus the most loyal and amazing mom (as is Haley).

Male Character I’d Marry:  JULIAN.

Character I hate/dislike/least like:  Nanny Carrie, omg. Runners-up to Psycho Derek (such an ironic name) and Stalker Katie.

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my mom tells everyone I’m addicted to the computer but honestly I’m addicted to the wonderful people I’ve met while on the computer

if you f*ckers lived next door I’d never be online

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   Hmmm i don't know what exactly to ask... but okay list your 5 favorite reality shows and your 5 favorite teen dramas.


Favorite Reality Shows

  • Dancing With The Stars
  • American Idol
  • Big Brother
  • So You Think You Can Dance
  • America’s Next Top Model
That was pretty dang easy. ;)

Favorite Teen Dramas

  • Pretty Little Liars
  • One Tree Hill
  • Glee
  • 90210
  • Gossip Girl
  • The Vampire Diaries

IT’S SIX BUT I CAN’T CHOOSE. Unless one of these doesn’t classify as ~teen drama~ but I already eliminated one for that reason.

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Reblog if you’ve formed a meaningful relationship with someone you met online.

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Find someone who complements you.

Yes complement, not compliment. A person who accentuates your true personality, who adds fuel to your fire. Someone who can help teach you things you could never learn on your own. The one who sparks your creativity and challenges you to do better and be better.

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